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Donnie Swaggart to speak at Perham Assembly March 20-21

Donnie Swaggart, son of televangelist Jimmy Swaggart, will be speaking March 20-21 in Perham.

Evangelist Donnie Swaggart will be the featured guest speaker March 20-21 at Northwoods Assembly Church in Perham.

Donnie will be speaking Saturday evening, March 20, at 7 p.m. and again on Sunday, March 21, at 10 a.m. and at 7 p.m.

Donnie Swaggart is the son of evangelist Jimmy Swaggart.

As Donnie Swaggart has stated, "I am called by God to bring the message of Pentecost to those bound by cold, formal, lifeless religion, and to reintroduce the Pentecostal fire and the Pentecostal way of life to those of my generation who have never gone beyond the initial baptism experience."

His message of "The Refiner's Fire" has been ordained by God to stir the hearts of those hungry for more of Christ.

Donnie Swaggart functions under the title of Pastor/Evangelist, as he not only travels around the world in evangelistic ministry, but he also serves as co-pastor of Family Worship Center Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, along with his father, Reverend Jimmy Swaggart.

Donnie has been involved in full-time ministry work for over 20 years. He makes his home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but his ministry travels have taken him across the United States, South Africa, Australia, Scotland, England, Sweden, Norway, Brazil, Mexico, and Papua New Guinea, Nigeria, France, India, Canada, Belgium, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Columbia.

Donnie and his father Jimmy continue to produce television and radio programs that appear around the world.

 His desire for his own life and for the lives of those to whom he ministers is summed up in the words of the Apostle Paul found in Ephesians 2:22, "In Whom you are built together for an habitation of God through the Spirit."

Northwoods Assembly is located at 945 W. Main St. in Perham.

For more information you can call the church at 346-LIFE or visit the website at

"As pastor of Northwoods Assemby I am excited to have Donnie come to the Perham area. We have received calls from people around the state of Minnesota who have reserved hotel rooms for this great event," said Pastor Dirk Currier.