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Eleven from Perham part of missions trip to Haiti

Missionaries from Perham who recently visited remote areas of Haiti had "an amazing and life threatening" experience, according Northwoods Assembly Pastor Dirk Currier. He reports that some famous quotes during the trip were, "I feel like I am dying," "I just want to go home," "I think we're going to die," and "I can't wait to return." Submitted photo

Children shouted, "Blah, blah, blah" from the island of Cayalo as they arrived.

They meant it as no sign of disrespect - in their native Creole language, 'blah' is the word for 'white.'

A missions team of 11 from the Perham area, including Pastor Dirk Currier from Northwoods Assembly and Pastor Rob Pesola from the Perham/Dent United Methodist Church, heard the words "blah, blah, blah" many times during their two-week trip to Haiti and the surrounding islands, including Cayalo, which is about eight miles off the coast.

The team went to show "The JESUS Film," an evangelistic movie. Their journey led them to many remote mountain villages and islands, which are inhabited by more than 400 people who had never experienced electricity, seen a movie or even a white person.

The journey involved hours of riding on buses, trucks, motorcycles and sailboats to reach areas that are nearly impossible to get to, according to a press release submitted by Pastor Currier.

The team experienced everything from sickness to nearly being shipwrecked and afloat on the Caribbean Sea.

"In spite of the trip's challenges," the press release states, "the team also experienced the joy of seeing many people, young and old, come to faith in Christ for the first time, as well as seeing God answer in miraculous ways."

During the course of the trip, the team's boat nearly capsized, the captain cried out for Jesus to save them, and they had to take out their oars to finish getting the boat to shore after the waves ceased.

Sick people walked for hours to be ministered to and pastors traveled up to two hours by foot to hear the missionaries' message.

The team members from Perham, who left the comfort of their homes to endure bucket showers or no showers, and roads that seemed to lead to nowhere, are excited to be back, according to the release. And yet, most who learned what it meant to pray for everything and to give thanks in every circumstance, have said they are ready for another journey to help spread their message.

Plans are underway for future missions trips. Visit for more information.