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NY Mills Fire and Rescue took this year's third annual Battle of the Best softball tournament. The tournament included seven teams made up of local fire departments, police officers and Perham EMS.

Emergency responders gather to relax, have fun

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Emergency responders from around the region came together Sunday, Aug. 7 for the third annual Battle of the Best softball tournament.


The tournament included the Frazee, Perham, Vergas, Dent and NY Mills fire and rescue teams, along with local police and Perham EMS.

In the end, the NY Mills fire and Rescue team came out with the win, squeezing past the cops.

Perham EMS Barb Felt said the tournament was organized to honor families of those who serve, while also providing an opportunity for responders to relax. Normally, she said, the responders come together in times of extreme stress. The tournament is a way to get to know one another, while also having a little fun.

Battle of the Best

1st place: New York Mills Fire and Rescue

2nd Place: Cops

3rd Place: Dent Fire and Rescue

4th Place: Vergas Fire and Rescue

5th Place: Perham Fire Department

6th Place: Perham EMS

7th place: Frazee Fire