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Fit, lean and trim budget is sign of times for Perham community center

Poor economic fitness is having an unhealthy affect on the Perham Area Community Center.

"We're planning for a leaner year next year, and we're budgeting accordingly," said Kevin Nelson, director of the PACC, as the Perham City Council reviewed the 2009 budget for the fitness and community center.

Membership sales are down by about 5 percent, which represents about $20,000, said Nelson. The PACC is in the midst of its annual membership drive, so Nelson hopes the facility will recover some of the losses this month.

"The last few months have been trending in a down direction," said Nelson.

The capital budget, which is earmarked primarily for new and upgraded equipment, will be only $35,000--compared to $75,000 last year.

In total, the PACC is projecting $789,850 in revenue for 2009--down $12,000 from 2008.

On the expense side, Nelson is planning to reduce costs by $8,000, for projected annual expenditures of $789,452.