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A gobblin' good time

Aside from the cancellation of a couple of Turkey Days events, the annual small town celebration was overall a success.

This year's Tyler Shipman Memorial Car Show, named after 18-year-old Tyler Shipman who died from cancer in February, brought in well over 100 cars, said Turkey Days Chair Karen Gray.

Shipman's car, a 1986 Fiero GT that has been restored with the help of Fiero fans nationwide, was on display Saturday. It won the People's Choice and Best Fiero awards.

The show has been going on for many years, but "this year it finally got a name: The Tyler Shipman memorial car show," Gray said.

There were 99 registered cars; about 40 of them were Fieros. In addition, Daggett Truck Line brought a number of trucks to the show.

"It was the largest car show that Frazee has ever had," Gray said. "There were a lot of very nice cars."

With the event being held on Saturday instead of Sunday, it brought a lot more traffic through the town, which benefited the entire community, she added.

Not only was the car show a success, the parade, pageant, sand castle contest, dinner and talent show and the Friday morning breakfast, along with the rest of the festivities, were also a hit with town residents and visitors.

More than 1,000 people attended the annual parade, which began with the pet and doll parade then parade of cars, and ended with the big Turkey Days parade Sunday.

"There were probably as many as the population of Frazee itself," Gray said.

The Miss Frazee and Miss Teen Pageant winners were crowned Saturday night, although they set their crowns aside Friday night to help serve dinner at the dinner and talent show.

Winning the Miss Frazee title this year was Emily Kallis and joining her was Miss Frazee Outstanding Teen Ellie Bachmann.

An annual tradition that many participate in was the Mystery Gobbler, which this year wasn't a mystery after all.

After the second clue was read Friday morning, Charlene Schermerhorn, of Frazee, guessed it was former superintendent Jim Lamont, and she was right.

The clues weren't that easy this year, Gray said, but this was the quickest anyone has ever solved the Mystery Gobbler.

"I think it's the case where if you've known this person for long enough, you know little quirks and little specialty information that other people might not know," she added.

The lucky winner received $100 in Frazee bucks.

Other lucky winners were first place sand castle contest winners Tanya and Darcy Mortinsen of Frazee, with their "wind and river project" that included wind turbines.

Hank Ludtke, who organized the sand castle contest, said all 10 spots were filled by teams from all over the area and even a contestant from France.

Castles varied in all shapes and sizes -- from a gigantic two-tiered castle, to one made by last year's winners in the shape of a Fiero in memory of Tyler Shipman, Ludtke said.

Turkey Days 2010 fell on the same weekend as the Fifth All School Reunion and whenever the rain complicated certain events, organizers saw the silver lining in others.

"I believe the businesses downtown somewhat appreciated the dampened weather," Gray said.

She does, however, have an idea of what she can do differently next year.

"I'd probably get more sleep," Gray said with a laugh. "But as far as events go, not really."