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Golfers and teams battling for conference honors


The Hawley Nuggets boys golf team stretched their conference lead over Perham, in Heart O' Lakes action, winning as hosts of last Monday's HOL meet.

The Yellowjackets finished fourth. Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton took second and Barnesville finished third.

Jacket scores were: Kyle Dykhoff--42; Evan Arvig--43; Nic Smith and Cory Dykhoff both had 45; Alex Phelps shot 47; and Dan Cavanagh shot a 50.

In the 18-hole portion of the invite, the Jackets finished tied for third with DGF behind Barnesville in second and Hawley.

Frazee's Beau Hanson, who has been near the top in most conference meets, again finished as medalist shooting a low score of 71.

Perham scores: Evan Arvig--82; Kyle Dykhoff--84; Nic Smith and Cory Dykhoff--87; Alex Phelps--90; and Dan Cavanagh--91.

Perham remains in second place in the HOL now ten points behind Hawley.

Individual golfers are jockeying for all-conference honors in the standings. All-conference is determined by removing two scores from conference play, the lowest and highest, to determine the standings. The top 15 golfers are selected.

HOL Rankings

Individual rankings (top 15 after six meets): 1. Beau Hanson (Frazee) Stroke Avg: 36; 2. Ryan LeNoue (Barnesville) 37.33; 3. Brett Severson (Hawley) 37.83; 4. Chris Clark (DGF) 38.33; 5. Cody Cederberg (Hawley) 38.5; 6. Evan Arvig (Perham) 38.83; 7. Brandon Sletmoen (Hawley) 39; 8. Eric Gilles (DGF) 39.5; 9. Mike Hanson (Hawley) 39.83; 10. Conner Paul (Barnesville) 40; 11. Toby Curtis (Battle Lake) 40.17; 12. Kyle Dykhoff (Perham) 40.4; 13. Jon Speath (Hawley) 40.5; 14. Nic Smith (Perham) 41.5; 15. Brady Solum (Barnesville) 41.83.

Other Perham notables; 18. Dan Cavanagh 42.33; 20. Cory Dykhoff 42.6.

Top 15 individuals (with two scores removed): 1. Hanson (F) 35.5; 2. LeNoue (B) 35.75; 3. Severson (H) 36; 4. Arvig (P) 37.25; 5. Cederberg (H) 37.5; 6. Clark (DGF) 37.75; 7. Sletmoen (H) 38.25; 8. Hanson (H) 38.25; 9. Gilles (DGF) 38.5; 10. Paul (Bar) 38.75; 11. Curtis (BL) 39; 12. Matt Wagner (WCA) 39.5; 13. Speath (H) 39.75; 14. (tie) K. Dykhoff (P) 40; 14. (tie) Smith (P) 40; 14. (tie) Solum (Bar) 40, 14. (tie) Cavanagh (P) 40.

Other Perham notables: 24. C. Dykhoff 42

Robert Williams

Robert is a Minnesota Newspaper Association award-winning Sports Editor at the Detroit Lakes Tribune. Williams worked prior as the Sports Editor in Perham for the Focus, a Forum Communications newspaper, from 2010-14. 

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