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Guck opens Precision Plumbing

Elizabeth Huwe/FOCUS Loren Guck, who has 25 years of local plumbing experience, has started Precision Plumbing to serve the Perham and Ottertail area.

A familiar face in the local plumbing game is striking out on his own with Precision Plumbing, a new business in the Perham area.

Loren Guck has done all sorts of plumbing work in his 25-year history with Esser Plumbing and Heating, and now, he is excited to continue doing what he loves on his own.

“It’s happening really fast,” said Guck. Precision Plumbing was officially founded on July 15. “I was basically going to start when the work started coming in. In a small town, word spreads fast, so I’ve already got a job lined up.”

“This is something I’ve been thinking about since I was a kid – running my own business,” said Guck.

In fact, he went to St. Cloud State University with plans of being a business major. But, a summer job at Esser changed that plan.

“Plumbing chose me,” Guck said. “It was never my intention (to get into plumbing). But, I took a year off of college and just did plumbing. Well, 25 years later, I’m still doing it. Now I’ll finally do the business part I intended on doing.”

Precision Plumbing will work on new construction, remodeling, cabins, boiler and radiator work and repair services.

“Really, there’s hardly anything that I haven’t done,” Guck said. “I’ve done everything from 1/8-inch plastic tubing up to 30-inch concrete pipe. Basically, there’s not a plumbing job I’d be afraid of taking on.”

Boiler system design has been one of Guck’s specialties over the years, but he said he is also looking forward to working on more residential jobs, as well.

Donna Guck, Loren’s wife, will be helping with Precision Plumbing, keeping everything organized on the business end.

“She’s been a big supporter,” said Guck.

 Precision Plumbing will focus its services within about a 30-mile radius of Perham and Ottertail. However, Guck added, projects outside of that area are “not out of the question.”

Contact Guck at 218-457-1046.