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New York Mills Elementary School principal Greg Esala eats his green eggs and ham as "The Cat in the Hat".

'I Love to Read'

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'I Love to Read'
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There may have been a few funny looks by New York Mills Elementary students coming out of the breakfast line last week - not quite sure what to do about eating green eggs - but most dove right in to the novelty. The breakfast celebrated the conclusion of "I Love to Read" month with Dr. Seuss' famous breakfast - Green Eggs and Ham.

Greg Esala, Elementary Principal, took advantage of the opportunity to dress up as The Cat in the Hat, and gave students "high threes" (his costume only had three fingers on each paw) as they enjoyed the odd-looking breakfast.

Some individual classes made hats out of paper, while other students and teachers wore felt Cat in the Hat hats.

The month-long recognition of reading concluded with a group reading in the activity center. Students were allowed to bring pillows and blankets for comfortable afternoon reading with classmates and friends.