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Ice Hole Bar returns for another season on Lake Lida (VIDEO)

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Lake Lida, MN (WDAY TV) - One of the hottest - or coldest - bars to hit the region during wintertime is one day away from opening its doors for the second year. After such a successful first go, the owner of Hillbillies Ice Hole Bar, located on the frozen waters of Lake Lida, is ready to get back in business.


A rare stop for regulars dropping a line is back for its second season.

Josie Norgren - Owner: "It was fun last year. We had a blast."

A blast that brought a lot of fishermen through the doors of the Ice Hole Bar; men like Dave Tabery looking for a good time and a good drink.

Dave Tabery - Lake Lida Fisherman: "It was full whenever I was there."

Dave and his friends are new neighbors to the Ice Hole's new location.

Dave Tabery: "I enjoy them, I guess."

It's still on Lake Lida, but away from the shore.

Josie Norgren: "Because we actually wanted to catch fish."

It's a spot they hope will not only draw more bodies, but more swimmers below the surface.

Dave Tabery: "I think it's better out here, there's more people out this way."

This year not only did the bar move to a more central location in the middle of the lake, it also more than doubled in size, creating more space for fishermen

Josie Norgren: "A whole new house, bigger, better, more bar-themey."

Josie and her crew are screwing in the final touches to get the bar ready for opening day.

Josie Norgren: "We'll have probably five or six kinds of beer and a bunch of different alcohol."

In addition to drinks, they'll also have pre drilled fishing holes; six for customers, and two behind the bar for employees. Even if the walleye aren't biting, you can still reel in some casual conversation, and a cold beverage.

Josie Norgren: "Just a warm place to come and fish if they don't have a fish house and something to drink, something to eat."

Dave Tabery: "It's a nice place to go, get out, warm up once in a while if you wanted to."

The bar opens at 3 Friday afternoon, and will be open the following Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.