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Investment expert to speak at ITOW

Paul Dietrich, a frequent commentator on CNBC, Fox Business News, CNN and Bloomberg TV, will be speaking in Perham on Thursday, May 1.

Dietrich, who is an international corporate attorney and the CEO and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Fairfax Global Markets, LLC, will touch on subjects such as: long-term trends in the stock market; how investors can protect themselves from swings in the market; and the “real,” economic reason why Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded the Ukraine.

Dietrich will be speaking from 8:30-9:30 a.m. at the In Their Own Words Veterans Museum in Perham. There will be time for a question-and-answer session. Coffee and rolls will be served.

The event is being sponsored by Knuttila Financial Services, Inc. of Perham. There is no cost to attend.

In addition to Dietrich’s television appearances, he has also been a frequent contributor to the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, London Times and many other national and international newspapers.

He is the editor of the award-winning book, “A Guide to American Foreign Policy,” and the author of the forthcoming book, “Global Active Investing: How to Make Money in Both Bull and Bear Markets.”

As an international corporate attorney, Dietrich has served as an advisor on privatization and economic development issues to the World Bank as well as several governments in Asia, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Fairfax Global Markets manages investments for private investors, retirement funds and private institutions throughout the United States.

In information shared with the Focus by Knuttila Financial Services, Dietrich said he would primarily be talking in Perham about “the five long-term trends that will be transforming the U.S. economy and U.S. stock market over the next few years.”

“I will also be talking about how investors need to protect themselves and their retirement savings from what will be increasing global volatility and swings in the stock market,” he added.

Dietrich also plans to talk about what he thinks is the “real reason” Putin invaded the Ukraine, if the topic is still appropriate and in the news.

“The reason was economic and not military or having anything to do with saving Russian-speaking people,” he said. “Very few commentators on TV have focused on the main reason he invaded and why it is unlikely he will ever give up the Crimean.”

Dietrich is president of the Institute for International Health and Development, and has served as a member of the National Advisory Board of Harvard University’s School of Public Health’s AIDS Institute and Advisory Group on International Health Systems Assessment of the New York Academy of Sciences. He has also served as a member of the Development Committee of the Pan American Health Organization, among his many other health and human rights involvements.