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Janke certified as equine massage therapist

Nicole Jahnke has worked with horses, including Commanding Cash, aka: Crew, (shown here) for 25 years. Submitted photo

A new option in equine health care is available to area horse owners.

Excelling Performance was recently founded by Nicole Jahnke, of Verndale, Minn. to offer equine massage services throughout the state.

Jahnke is a certified equine massage therapist and a member of the International Association of Animal Massage Therapists.  She has ridden, shown and worked with horses for 25 years.        

“My main goal is to work with athlete horses,” said Jahnke. “If they’re feeling good, they’ll do their best and get into the winner’s circle.”

Flexibility, tension relief and increased circulation are a just a few of the benefits of equine massage, said Jahnke.

“It takes out the bad and brings in the good,” she said.

Jahnke said some owners are skeptical of these benefits at first, but she reminds them that human athletes get massages to work the soreness out of their own muscles.

“Horses are athletes too, but they can’t always take care of their aches on their own,” said Jahnke.

She said she has seen massage therapy help horses act younger and relieve their pain and discomfort.

For more about this therapy and how it can be used to benefit horses, call Nicole at 218-639-3372 or e-mail her at