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LETTER TO EDITOR: Applauds efforts to raise school funds

To the editor:

Congratulations to Dave Niesen for his innovative and pro-active response to the very disappointing levy defeat. What a great example of "Perham Pride" in action...taking a negative situation and finding a positive way to overcome it.

Taking this a step further, as the sponsor of the Perham Pride magnetic bumper sticker campaign, I would like to propose the following: If each of the 3,368 voters who have not already purchased a Perham Pride bumper sticker for $5 would do so now, we could raise up to $16,845. And, since this amount is going to be matched, it would mean that the school could receive up to $33,690.

This certainly doesn't solve the entire problem, but it's a way to begin. This is a grassroots way to show our kids that we care about their education and their future.

If you wish to be a part of the solution, follow Dave Niesen's suggestion, and then purchase a "Perham Pride" bumper sticker and display it proudly! They are available at the Chamber of Commerce and many other local businesses.

Marion Johnson

Big Pine Lake