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LETTER TO EDITOR: Bad manners by letter-writer

Letter to editor:

I am writing in regards to Jeff Tweeton's letter last week, as well as his letter written several weeks ago, in regards to Merle Hexum.

Both of these letters were dripping with rude, cruel sarcasm.

I was surprised at the bad-mannered way you expressed your opinion toward Mr. Hexum; coming from a high school English teacher, one might expect a bit more professionalism. A man educated in the English language certainly could put his talent to better use in a civil manner. For the sake of your students, I hope all that disgusting sarcasm doesn't enter into your classroom, because sarcasm's only end is to humiliate others. Using sarcasm in your attempt to "educate" Mr. Hexum only shows how rude you can be to others.

You may be surprised, Mr. Tweeton, just how many people do enjoy the black and white approach of Merle Hexum's letters. The only thing that needs to be shipped off to Utah or Wyoming is your bad manners.

All are free to express their opinions, but you need a lesson on how to do that without the mean, rude approach you have chosen.

Angie Werner