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LETTER TO EDITOR: Bell ringing a memorable Christmas experience

To the editor:

Today I took two hours and rang the bell for the Salvation Army at Dean's Country Market in Perham (thanks for letting me stand inside!!). It will stand out as two of the best hours of my Christmas season. I was touched by the generosity of people who emptied their pockets of change, pulled out their billfolds, searched through their purses to give a donation to such a worthy cause. Children stood on tiptoes to put money into the red bucket. I smiled as I thought that they were being taught at such a young age to have a giving heart.

A couple of people commented on the "noise" of the bell and in my mind I wondered if they would be going outside to get into a car with a heater, driving to a warm house and sitting down to a hot meal. If so, then they probably didn't understand that the bell was really playing beautiful music, a song of hope to those who have so little, but thanks to the Salvation Army will this Christmas season have the sound of music in their hearts.

Thankful to live in such a great community for 15 years!

Dori Mitchell