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Letter to the Editor: Castle Doctrine did not deserve support

It's all about judgment.

Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen, R-Alexandria, indicates that the last legislative session was productive. In a recent KSTP survey, Minnesotans disagreed... in fact, 65 percent disagreed.

One wonders how this senator could support the "Castle Doctrine" when law enforcement agencies across Minnesota opposed the legislation. In fact, it was law enforcement agencies that encouraged Governor Dayton to veto the Castle Doctrine. One needs to look no further than Florida and the "Stand Your Ground" law (the shooting of Travyon Martin by George Zimmerman) to see the consequences of these types of laws.

These types of laws encourage the settling of personal disputes with guns, as evidenced by a 300 percent increase in the number of killings by private citizens, in Florida, since the law passed.

They used the "Stand Your Ground" law as the basis for their actions. Mr. Ingebrigtsen is clearly out of touch with law enforcement (his profession) in Minnesota and the nation.

It's all about judgment!