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LETTER TO EDITOR: Christian right gets religion--at election time

The Bible also says in Mark, to "judge not lest ye be judged, for whatever judgement you mete out to some one will be meted out to you on judgement day."

A couple verses later, it says "remove the log from your own eye before try to remove the sliver from someone elses eye."

In other words confess your own sins first. That is a lifetime project!!

It seems, to me the only time the Christian right gets religion, is at election time.

Instead always looking for some excuse to argue about politics.

Why don't the citizens of Perham, join together and try to get some funding for some bridges over the railroad tracks? So we too can have a quiet zone (no whistles) in town.

Every time some one gets hit by a train, we all get punished by the engineers running the trains.

Detroit Lakes and Staples both have quiet zones, we should be able to do this also.

Marlowe Hahn

Perham, MN