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LETTER TO EDITOR: Club Oneighty seeks new home

To the editor:

Club Oneighty officially opened on Oct. 5, 2007. Since then we have been a positive place for teens to hang out, play pool, listen to music and live concerts, surf the net and update their Facebook pages. We have truly been blessed by the Perham community since we've opened the doors; from the local churches that have donated on a monthly basis to keep the bills paid, to the local clubs that have given from time to time to fulfill some special needs.

Also the volunteers who have stepped up to "man the building," share with the students and just love on them each Friday and Saturday night. Starting with the 2009/2010 school year, we have even added after school hours, Monday through Thursday, 3:30-6:30 p.m. And again, volunteers have stepped up to fill the slots.

As directors of the club, my wife Alanna and I have been amazed at the generosity of the people of Perham. From KLN Enterprises and the Perham Rotary Club to the Pizza Ranch, they have all joined in with our vision to show the Perham area teens their lives are "worth" the investment. It's just been our desire to show them the love that God has shown us.

As we looked for a place to put this teen center, we quickly noted that the cost might just stop it from ever happening. We couldn't find a place large enough that we could afford. Looking at building after building we thought it was hopeless. Then we walked through the old ACS retail center on 1st Avenue. The cost was huge; again it seemed hopeless.

After a few days of prayer, we received a call from David Pratt, the Arvig Building manager. He stated he could help us with a reduced rent rate for a season, but then they would have to look for retail renters. We have been truly blessed to have stayed in their building for the past three school years, and as scripture says "this too will pass." We were notified that Arvig has leased the building, and the new tenants are moving in March 1, 2010, and we all pray that they will be successful.

Club Oneighty is currently looking for possible buildings we can move into; a space larger then the building we are moving out of and one with kitchen facilities. It has always been our vision to offer something more to the students, from flavored coffees and deep fried treats to fountain drinks and nachos and cheese. We know that God will direct us, and that He has a plan... now again we have to wait on Him.

We would like to thank each and every person who has made it possible for Club Oneighty to serve the teens in the Perham area, and look forward to sharing updates as to our progress.

Pastor Stewie & Alanna Burns