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LETTER TO EDITOR: Coach has helped build basketball program

To the editor:

Sometimes, basketball fans can get short-term memory loss. Perham fans have forgotten that before Dave Cresap coached the Yellowjackets, the boys basketball program was very unorganized and not very fortunate as far as wins.

Coach Cresap has built up one of the best basketball programs not only in the area, but also in the entire state of Minnesota. Tom Critchley at Hawley mentioned him in the 1980's. Critchley is a member of the Minnesota Coaches Hall of Fame. Cresap graduated from Hawley in 1979, one year before Critchley took over the Nuggets. Another alum from Hawley is Coach Brad Strand at Pelican Rapids. Strand took over the Vikings program from Rex Haugen, another Hall of Famer. I had the privilege to be the scorekeeper for both coaches at Pelican. Pelican basketball fans have been blessed by many years of having a strong program and fan base.

So when the current 'Jacket boys team is playing underclassmen, some fans and parents are complaining. Every coach in every sport on every level is going to have people and players arguing about playing time, positions, plays, and other things that go along with each sport. Each person should try to put themselves in the coaches' shoes for one day. Let them try to accomplish the many tasks and responsibilities of the head coach. Not everyone can handle that. So, I really admire Dave Cresap and what this man has accomplished at Perham. He turned around a program that had long been ignored. Boys basketball took a back seat to other programs. Nothing against them, it's just that it's about time that 'Jackets boys basketball fans enjoy this fun success.

Cameron Hugh

Pelican Rapids