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LETTER TO EDITOR: Coach is a mentor-and good friend

To the editor:

Writing this letter disappoints me. It disappoints me that Coach Cresap's methods are being attacked (again).

I'm also disappointed because no matter how much I write here, I'll never be able to fully illustrate the positive impact Coach Cresap has had on my life.

I played three seasons for Coach Cresap during the late 90's. No, it wasn't always easy.  But, under that competitive - at times tough - exterior is a compassionate, caring, and sensitive man; a guy who taught me that nothing worthwhile in life ever comes easy.

Coach Cresap loves to motivate.  Right from the beginning of my basketball career, he challenged me to set goals and helped guide me towards them.  I can't tell you how many hundreds of unpaid hours he spent away from his family to coach me and my teammates at camps and tournaments (which he still does).  It didn't stop there; as I improved, Coach Cresap wrote letters, called coaches, and lobbied for me to win postseason awards, as he has done and continues to do for others.


Because he cares deeply for his student-athletes; he prepares them to succeed on the court, in the classroom, and later in life.  The lessons I learned from Coach Cresap - the value of hard work, persistence, and picking yourself up time and time again - have stayed with me throughout my life.

I didn't write this to discuss wins and losses or whether sophomores should play over seniors (if they're deserving, they should).  But, remember, before Coach Cresap and his year-round commitment arrived in Perham, the Jacket basketball program was winning 1 to 2 games a season. It is through Coach Cresap's love for the game, that student-athletes, Jacket Buddies, the Back Court Club, the coaching staff, and the entire community are again enjoying Perham High School boys basketball.   

Lastly, when I graduated from Perham High School, Coach Cresap told me he'd always be there for me.  That wasn't hollow. Every time I've landed a new job, he's been one of the first ones to call and congratulate me. He's still my coach and mentor, only now I consider him a good friend.

Cory Hepola

PHS 2000 Graduate