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LETTER TO EDITOR: Concerned about Ottertail donation

To the editor:

It's really discouraging to read that the little village of Ottertail has $6,666 in excess funds to give Terry Wagenman and his pet project the Smokin' Iron tractor pull. Most cities are crying like heck about LGA being cut.

My first question for Mr. Wagenman would be, can he make a complete accounting for every dollar for every year of the project?

If Mr. Wagenman really thinks that non-profits that donate money don't want restrictions on how the money is spent, he's blowing some funny smelling smoke.

If the local business people give him money, so be it. But the city money is something else. And of even greater concern would be money from the city fundraiser. I guess I was under the impression that money would go to the summer rec programs, the city playground and fun things for kids, and at least for the good of the local people.

It looks to me like Mr. Wagenman's idea isn't working out so good. Sometimes the best thing to do is admit it and move on.

If he really thinks enough of the project, why doesn't he go to the bank, sign on the line and move forward?

Tommy Stiles