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Letter to the Editor: The cost of building a better french fry

Two weeks ago in the East Otter Tail Focus, there was an article about pesticide drift. I refer to it as chemical trespass.

I met with Norma and Don Smith after reading the article, and went over the information they had. It is shocking and overwhelming, to say the least.

Last year I had concerns about spray over my business in the west Industrial Park, so I called the Department of Agriculture and they tested my plants and found chlorothalonil, difenoconazole and mandipropamid (look them up on the Net) - great for potatoes, nasty for air breathers.

I called (Perham City Manager) Kelcey Klemm and Melissa (Swanson, general manager) at the Focus to find out if they were contacted by anyone concerning the article. They said 'no,' and were surprised by that.

Am I and my 6-month-old grandson the only ones that breathe the toxic air in Perham? More people are concerned about the foul odor of the septic ponds than the toxic ingredients in our air. 

There are people that are trying to make a difference, but they can't do it alone. If you choose to roll up your windows and watch your kids playing outside and say nothing, you're part of the problem.

In order to build a better french fry, the end user is paying a hefty price. I don't care what you do or who you call, as long as you do something.

So when you jog or ride your bike past my business, I want you to think about what's in the air, because it's there.

I have the tests results to prove it.