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Letter to the Editor: Covetousness; the ignored commandment

Christians have known for quite some time that the Democrat party has a Godless worldview, but their disdain for God was on full display at their recent convention.

After the media revealed that Democrats removed God from their platform, the leaders moved quickly to put God back in the platform, but in order to do so it required a two-thirds approval from the delegates at the convention. When the vote was taken on the floor, over 50 percent of the Demmy's voted 'no,' but the leaders rammed it through anyway. The place then erupted with disapproval and the crowd began to 'Boo.'

We all know that the Democrat party supports the killing of the unborn, legalization of gay marriage, and the removal of God from the public square, yet many so-called Christians support candidates of this Godless party. Having an erroneous belief that Demmy's care about the poor, when in reality they keep the poor in bondage by making them dependent upon government. Demmy's know if they can create a dependency class that relies on them to provide their every need, it will ensure they remain in power.

To those who identify themselves as Christians; there's a sin, which is rarely mentioned, that is becoming more and more prevalent in our culture. Covetousness!

We have a generation of people who have an inordinate desire to take things that belong to other people. There's a political party whose main appeal to the masses is the promise of taking money from those who they feel are too rich and giving it to those whom they deem needy. This view violates the 10th commandment. God said: "Thou shalt not covet!" There's nothing altruistic or charitable about taking something that does not belong to you, even under the guise of helping others.

If Judas Iscariot were alive today, he would be a member of the Democrat party. Mary of Bethany had taken a bottle of expensive perfume (worth about a year's wages) and poured it on the feet of Jesus. Judas was furious that she used the expensive perfume for this purpose when it could've been sold and given to the poor. He was overly concerned with how she chose to use her own wealth and he insisted that the money should've been used to help the poor.

Sound familiar? Judas, like most Democrats, wasn't really concerned about the poor; he simply wanted to control the money bag. Rather than using their own money to help the poor, Demmy's take other people's wealth under the pretense of fairness.

You can hear the jealousy and envy in their tone when Demmy's use terms like: "the filthy rich," "fat cats on Wall Street," and "big oil." Demmy's have disdain for those who've attained or achieved success in life; with the exception of trial lawyers, Hollywood elitists, union leaders, and businesses propped up by taxpayer money. There's nothing Godly about coveting the wealth of the rich and voting for politicians who promise to take it from them. It's not anyone's business (including government entities) how much money someone makes, or what they choose to do with it. Those that demand that government raise taxes on the rich to help the poor have the same covetous spirit that drove Judas to sell Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

Every position that Demmy's support goes against God and His word. Thou shall not covet may be the last commandment listed, but it is no less important than the first nine.

Merle Hexum

Perham, MN