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LETTER TO EDITOR: Critical of article on visiting minister

To the editor:

Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire, Louis! This is to you, our local leader of the press. It is concerning your recent reporting of Donnie Swaggart's weekend services at Northwoods Assembly.

Much of the article was your personal expounding on Donnie's old musical relatives who were not at all involved with the ministry he brought to Perham...seemingly coupled with your own dislikes and puns at the way worship was conducted. You reported little about the substance of the three messages he preached.

The first sermon was on "How we get into God's Kingdom." The second was "How to live day to day there." The last was about the Holy Spirits' influence in our lives.

You stated Donnie said "freedom of the press is our great freedom." He added to that ..."if the press tells the truth" while making eye contact with you.

Here are a few of the non-truths you mentioned. People clapping in tongues does not exist, is not in history books nor is it mentioned in the Bible. This feat is anatomically impossible. Second, you ridiculed one of our other great freedoms, the freedom to worship where and how we wish. You presumed the "Northwood folks" would be bored at other church services. You didn't ask any of us! I can worship with my Perham brothers and sisters in Jesus anywhere. Our recent community service at St. Paul's was thrilling.

What was the point you wanted to make by ridiculing pastors and congregations who are "musically challenged?" The Bible says we are to "make a joyful noise."

I'm happy there are those who still get excited sharing God's word. If you pace, sweat, say Amen or move a little, that's okay! It is acceptable to yell, shout and jump off your seat at sporting events. Why should worshipping a true hero, Jesus, cause such criticism?

You are editor of a good, longstanding newspaper that has been read since I grew up here years ago. Please, keep the reporting accurate - and truthful.

Polly Solberg