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Letter to the Editor: Cunniff is the common sense voice we deserve

Bob Cunniff is the change Legislative District 8B needs and deserves.

Unlike his opponent, he will not make national news with embarrassing statements comparing welfare recipients to feeding bears in a national park. He will not declare "Earth Day" a pagan holiday. He will not vote to raise property taxes or give tax breaks to the wealthy. He will not take extra pay if there is a government shutdown.

Bob will work with both parties and the governor to find new solutions for the good of all people. He will work to restore funds taken from schools, counties, townships and cities which were used to "balance" the state budget. He will support legislation to help small business grow. He will support legislation to protect our environment.

Bob is endorsed by the democratic party, but has made it clear that he will remain independent with his voting. His pro-life stand on the abortion issue and his pro-family stand are demonstrated by his 22 years of marriage to Darice and their three grown children.

Please vote for Cunniff on Nov. 6. He will be the change we need and the common sense voice we deserve.

Neal Zappe

Alexandria, MN