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Letter to the Editor: Cunniff demonstrates family values

We are writing this letter in support of Bob Cunniff for the Minnesota House of Representatives, District 8B.

Bob and his wife, Darice, demonstrate outstanding family values. They have raised three wonderful children, accepted a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law into the family, are now spoiling, as all grandparents should, their first grandchild, and are also caring for his 90-year-old mother after the passing of his older brother a year ago.

We have worked with Bob for more than 30 years in education, coaching sports and radio broadcasting. He has demonstrated outstanding dedication in everything he does. When he decided to run for office last year, he went on many trips to the capital and spent a great amount of time learning what his responsibilities would be as a member of the House of Representatives.

Bob is a person that will work with anyone to make things better for all Minnesotans.

Please vote for Bob Cunniff on November 6. He will be an outstanding representative.

Dave and Evie Harris

Alexandria, MN