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Letter to the Editor: Cunniff has what it takes

We are writing in support of Bob Cunniff, (Democratic) candidate in the upcoming Minnesota House of Representatives District 8B race. We have known Bob professionally and personally for over 20 years and believe strongly in his ability to be a truly effective representative.

Bob will listen - really listen - and consider all sides of an issue. He has the ability to work with others to solve problems. His moderate approach would lead to the healthy compromise necessary to get things done.

We found Bob, as an educator, to be someone who truly valued learning. We know that he will be willing to take the time and make the effort necessary to develop a true understanding of whatever issues are presented to him as our representative.

Bob is a man of integrity, who, after he has listened and learned, will have the courage to make decisions that he truly feels are in the best interest of his constituents.

Bob has what it takes to be an extremely effective leader, representing us all. Please join us in voting for Bob Cunniff in November.

Dennis and Bonnie Miller

Alexandria, MN