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Letter to the Editor: Cunniff would be good for the House

As a co-worker and friend of Bob Cunniff's for over 20 years, I strongly urge you to vote for him to become 8B Representative.

Bob will bring a strong work ethic and thoughtfulness to this job. Although he has not previously been involved in politics, he has always been well informed on the issues and paid close attention to what was going on in St. Paul. Since Bob made the decision to run, he has spent hours discussing the issues with community leaders in this area and is getting good support from members of all parties. Bob's not an extremist, and would listen to and represent everyone with his common sense approach to things.

Bob is well known for his years of coaching and teaching, sports broadcasting and the volunteer work he has done around the community. He doesn't have to preach about his values; he lives them every day. Bob believes in the same things you do: family, faith, community and making a better life for your children and grandchildren.

We need to make a change. We need a representative who will work with others to solve problems. We need Bob Cunniff in the State House.

Bonnie Schnell

Alexandria, MN