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Letter to the Editor: Dan Skogen gets things done

Our son, Major Stuart M. Anderson, was killed in Iraq on Jan. 7, 2006. After reeling from our great loss for some time, we learned Minnesota did not have a Gold Star license plate. Another son in Wisconsin and our daughter-in-law in Iowa got Gold Star licenses shortly after the tragedy.

We asked our State Senator, Bill Ingebrigtsen, to sponsor a bill to get Gold Star license plates for Minnesota families like ours. He came back to our family twice and told us that he couldn't get the bill passed through the legislature. He couldn't get Gold Star license plates for families like ours.

At a community event, Sen. Dan Skogen heard us talking about this and offered to sponsor a bill for the plates. Skogen went back to St. Paul and found legislators and veterans to help sponsor the bill. A short time later, he called and said he had gotten the bill passed. We didn't even live in Skogen's district, but he knew honoring survivors with a Gold Star license plate was the right thing to do, and he actually did something about it.

In this election, we have a clear choice: the guy who tries or the guy who gets things done. I know Dan Skogen will be a Senator who doesn't just listen to us, but takes the ideas and wishes of our community and puts them into action.

We need Dan Skogen fighting for our families in the State Senate. On election day, I hope you will vote for Dan Skogen. In our opinion, he's earned it.

Claremont and Nancy Anderson

Hoffman, MN