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LETTER TO EDITOR: Disappointed in disrespectful concert behavior

To the editor:

Tonight our family attended the 6th, 7th and 8th grade choir, band and orchestra concert. In the middle of the program many from the audience left. Several parents and children could be heard talking in the entry of the auditorium. As if the concert had not been disrupted enough, this made an otherwise enjoyable performance nearly impossible to enjoy. How would these people have liked it if a group of loud, inconsiderate people arrived in the middle of their child's performance? What's happening to the Perham community? This "I got mine, good luck getting yours" is a shameful state of mind and a horrible example for our children. I was shocked at this!

I've seen such disrespectful behavior shown to the children performing in other communities. Their teachers put so much work into preparing those students. I thought at the time, "At least that doesn't happen at home in Perham." How sad to see such an erosion in our sense of community! If this was a sporting event and parents had displayed such behavior it would've been a technical foul. There is no referee to call foul. You parents who got up after your children were finished performing, shame on you. My hope for the future is that we can remember we are part of a community here and demonstrate respectful behavior towards our performing students and their music teachers. Please remember proper etiquette for future performances, your students and mine deserve nothing less!

Diana Oien