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Letter to the Editor: Disappointed in Turtle Fest this year

My extended family and I are now entering the second generation of Turtle Fest participants. Many happy memories have been made during turtle races, medallion hunts, 5k runs, tractor pulls and parades.

I am writing this to express my disappointment in this year's festivities and am hoping for a better result in 2013.

I sensed a real lack of communication/cooperation among the various groups involved in the events. A couple of examples: I would expect the Chamber to act as liaison among those groups and be able to answer questions visitors have. However, with the Chamber's phone system, it was next to impossible to even speak to someone. When I finally did, the individual was unable to answer my question. When explaining to a volunteer at the 5k race that I tried to pre-register at the Chamber (as I have in years past), I was impolitely told, "the Chamber is no longer involved."

Turtle Fest included only two scheduled days of turtle races - a great disappointment to my two boys and two nephews. It is, after all, TURTLE Fest.

I realize there is a tremendous amount of work and volunteer hours that go into community festivals, as I am very involved in my own community. I simply write this as a longtime area visitor who hopes that Turtle Fest 2013 will be a more positive experience.