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LETTER TO EDITOR: Disgusted by accident photo on front page

I want to express my absolute disgust in the tact of EOT Focus. The choice of putting a photo Delilah Perala's totalled car on the front page of last week's newspaper hurts and angers me. Delilah was my stepmom, and she was killed in an automobile accident Saturday, Sept. 26. Four days later, this newspaper chose to run a full color photo of her totalled car on the front page.

Words cannot express the disbelief and hurt that my family feels over this choice. I understand that the accident was news, and I understand the freedom of expression gives you the right to publish that photo. However, did you ever think about the impact that seeing that photo would have on my father who just lost his wife? Did you think about how hurtful it would be for my stepbrother who just lost his mother? I can tell you that they do not need that image in their minds. They did not want to see the car; they want to be able to remember their wife and mother as a beautiful young woman who has lost her life.

I would imagine that the backlash of you printing that photo has been enormous. I have had many friends, family, and neighbors tell me that they too are disgusted by the editor's choice of using that particular photo, and that they were going to call and/or write a letter to the editor. Running that photo was such an insensitive act, and shows absolutely no respect for our family.

Christina Theisen