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LETTER TO EDITOR: Farmers can't afford health insurance

This letter is in reference to the Health Care Reform Legislation now being discussed in the Senate. I believe that in order to rein in the huge fees that the health insurance companies are charging we need a public option. Without that there would be no reason for the health insurance companies to slash their administrative costs, which include large bonuses for the top individuals in the company.

I agree with Keith Bolin who gave reasons for the public option in the September 18 press release found at Rural Wire.

As President of the American Corn Association he said the Association was for the public option for two reasons -- one was that it would enable corn growers and other farmers to compete more readily in the global markets where the competitors all have health insurance. Another was that many farmers simply cannot afford the high premiums that health insurance companies are charging. As a result the spouse of the farmer must take a job in town in order for the family to have health insurance. He then points out this results in the farmer's spouse taking a job which could have been filled by another person.

A lot of us seniors are at the present time enjoying government health care since we have the benefits of Medicare. We have our choice of doctors. Why not the same thing for others? The American Medical Association also supports the public option. Why should we settle for less for our children and their families?

Elizabeth Maxwell

Richville, MN