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Letter to the Editor: Focus in the middle of the road is laughable

Last week's column, "Things get messy in the middle of the road," would have been more fitting for the comic section. 

My reaction to the letter's claim of being in the middle of the road was the same reaction that the publisher had when the community leader suggested the paper was too negative in their reporting of the levy approval - are you kidding me?

Evidently the slobbering love affair between the newspaper and the school board is not blatant enough for some. The Focus attempting to paint itself as being "middle of the road" is like Obama trying to portray himself as a centrist. It's laughable!

I took the editorial from two weeks ago, which was a love-fest between the editorial staff and the newly approved levy, and rewrote it using the same format and sentence structure but from the opposite perspective.

What would have happened had the editorial staff published the following letter last November, after the fourth failed levy attempt?

"Kudos to voters, concerned citizens

No one wanted higher taxes. That's why the people really made a statement when they chose not to increase taxes. It says a lot about what people care about, what they're willing to fight for. The voters of the Perham-Dent School District made a statement on Tuesday. By opposing the levy referendum, they let it be known that they disapprove of spending more money for poor quality education. They want to scrap the government ran school system, get rid of the public employee unions and actually teach the students real history, proven science, and biblical ethics.

What a relief.

After four levy failures, inevitably the school board will probably push for yet another levy referendum to create painful tax increases and reductions in quality education.

Public education is beyond repair, traditional morals are considered outdated, and members of the school board deserve the boot - the levy failed and should fail in the future.

While still just "one victory" and not a long-term prevention, a levy request will more than likely be thrust on us again; the school board and faculty attempt this at least once a year. It hurt the students and also the future of our republic by their pushing of a liberal social and economic agenda into their heads.

Kudos to voters for fighting indoctrination.

Kudos also to the school board for being unresponsive to voters.

The superintendent(s), the school board and other school leaders fail to listen to the voters every time, and keep coming up with the same stale plan that directly ignores the public's requests.

Voters said they wanted no levy, no out of pocket money, levy proponents to stop whining about needing more funds and to stop forcing the citizens of the district to fund their agenda - but the school board asked for money, ignored a specific request, went after tax payers, spun it as being a needed tax, used tax-payer funds to send out disinformation flyers and propagate their message through local media outlets, and then yelled, kicked and screamed at the community for turning them away.

In the end, after four years, the cooperative community shouted we're tired of your continual efforts to thrust this upon us."

Had you written this editorial five months ago, praising levy opponents for defeating the levy, do you suppose this anonymous "community leader" would have simply said you were too negative in your word choices, or would he have accused you of being overtly bias and blatantly one-sided?

Can you, with a straight face, say that the staff at the EOT Focus is in the middle of the road?