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LETTER TO EDITOR: Franken, Dems stole election

To the editor:

Minnesota Republican won the election according to the original count by 725 votes. However the Democratic Secretary of State, who controls the elections, decided that many of the absentee ballots that were declared ineligible to be counted should be counted. He had the group making the recount go into the democratic precincts to make a new count.

The democratic strategy was to manipulate the recount in a way that would discover votes that could add to Franken's total. The Franken team swarmed the recount, aggressively demanding that votes that had been disqualified be added to his count while others be denied to Coleman. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that 1,350 absentee votes be added to Franken who ended with additional 1,350 votes. The Trib did not give any votes added to Coleman so we can be sure that the election was stolen.

The liberals should be happy that they now have a US Senator who has no government experience and is a character that made his living going around the night clubs of the nation telling off-color and dirty stories.

Governor Palin of Alaska, who is a strong Republican, is taking a beating from the liberals who don't want to debate the issues but so that they can go destroy any individual who they disagree with. Palin has spent a lot of money to fight the charges and has been successful. We should not be concerned with Palin's reasons for resigning. I believe in Gov. Palin and have mailed her a check for $100. Maybe some of the rest of you should do the same as she will be important in the next political years.

Harley Karvonen