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Letter to the Editor: Franson is a fearless leader

During a long career in the U.S. Marine Corps, I met many and varied individuals. Some were good team players, some were leaders, some were slackers, and some were people whose main form of entertainment was to carp and gripe about the achievers and doers while lolling in their own meaningless mediocrity.

When I read the spiteful letter from Mr. McFeely (in the Oct. 18 Focus) attacking our Representative Mary Franson, I recognized him as a mediocre smear merchant attacking a dauntless achiever.

Mary is a leader, selfless and unswerving in her legislative duties to protect her constituents from the excesses of mindless and oppressive bureaucrats and apparatchiks in our state government. She is unafraid to stand openly in defiance of those who wield powers to ruin our citizens' finances, culture, freedoms, and rights by the arrogant exercise of runaway regulations, crushing burdens of uncontrolled spending and taxation, and gang mentality attacks on any who urge and stand for restraint of government and rule by and for the people.

I have listened to Mr. McFeely perform his radio talk show. I recognize him to be one of those men who is frightened and a bit envious of women of strong conservative character.

He has often interviewed such women, giving them what seems grudging respect during the interviews, then slamming them once the interview has concluded and they are not present to defend themselves. His attack letter in your paper is but an extension of his on-air behavior.

Doesn't Mr. McFeely get enough air time to spread his poison? Is he so envious of Mary Franson's popularity among her constituents compared to his own following?

I choose the courage and honesty of Mary Franson over McFeely's hit-and-run attack, and look forward to her re-election.

Camilla M. Ryan

Fergus Falls, MN