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LETTER TO EDITOR: God and science are not mutually exclusive

To the editor:

One of the most unfortunate side effects of the Bush years was the politization of science. Before this, science was somewhat exempt from the left/right schism that divides our country.

Climate change and evolution aren't things subject to public opinion polls, no more than is the theory of gravity. People have this unfortunate tendency to shrug off things they have trouble understanding. Climate change, at its core is just saying that human beings putting pollution in the air nonstop since the Industrial Revolution has ill effects for us and our planet. Evolution simply states that human beings didn't magically spring into being six thousand years ago, but gradually changed into the upright "intelligent" beings we are today. Many use their Christian faith in an attempt to disprove established scientific consensus. It has always seemed odd to me that these people who praise God so vocally and faithfully completely reject some of his greatest gifts, those of free will and intellect. Unfortunately, humanity has much experience in rejecting obvious realities, and whether it's Copernicus's heliocentric theory or the 20th century fights for human rights, the one positive thing we can take from this ridiculous debate is that truth always wins out. Eventually.

Corey Schmitz

Sioux City, Iowa