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LETTER TO EDITOR: A good experience at Perham hospital

Letter to the Editor:

I had the misfortune to end up in the hospital last week. The good fortune about it was that the hospital was Perham Memorial if that is still its name.

There I found the employees to be interested in my problem and with a high interest in helping me solve it. I never had so many pinpricks in my life.

With all of my vital statistics checked continually, I wondered why Dr. Hietala wasn't in my room more often, but the nurses said he was checking and rechecking the information the nurses furnished to him.

About a week ago, I experienced deterioration in my eyesight; I wasn't able to read the newspaper because the print was blurred. My hemoglobin was low and Dr. Hietala ordered a blood transfusion. After some difficulty, the right blood was found and after five hours of dripping, another test was made and my hemoglobin was four points higher and my problem was solved.

When I got home I immediately took hold of a newspaper and low and behold, I could again read the print without any blurring. So, the transfusion solved the problem. I write this because maybe others in the community have the same problem and my suggestion is to get their blood checked, as this might be their problem.

I want to thank Dr. Hietala and the hospital crew for their help and to compliment a medical facility that does its job so well.

Harley Karvonen