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Letter to the Editor: Gun control bills are too extreme

I am writing today, for those that haven't heard, about some very extreme bills that have been introduced in the Minnesota Legislature.

HF 241,242, and 243 are horrible bills that would turn good and decent Minnesota gun owners into felons if they refuse to turn in their property that was legally purchased. HF241 is an "assault weapons" ban that is so extreme that it bans any long gun that holds more than seven rounds and has one "military" feature. In many cases - this includes the Ruger 10-22 rifle and M1 garand - with no grandfathering. HF242 would ban all magazines over 10 rounds with no grandfathering - making you a felon if you don't turn them in.

HF243 is even worse, banning all magazines over seven rounds - also making you a felon if you don't turn them in. This bill would make most handguns useless, as there are no seven round magazines in existence for these models, including the common .22 hunting pistols that many of us carry for varmint control. Standard capacity in these guns is 10 or 12 rounds depending on models. Standard capacity in most home defense and carry handguns sold today is 13 to 17 rounds in the mid size models, with smaller concealment models holding five to 10.

These arbitrary magazine bans are irresponsible and simply a gimmick to say "we did something." All while trampling on our fundamental 2nd Amendment rights.

There are also some other troubling bills that affect our Right to Carry and other issues, with new bills being introduced daily.

I encourage all supporters of freedom to call and e-mail your representatives in opposition to these and other bills infringing on our rights, and get your friends and family around the state to do the same. Tell them you will not be turned into a criminal! And keep contacting them until these bills are defeated.

Dan Loerzel

Perham, MN