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Letter to the Editor: Harassed over Obama/Biden bumper sticker

I had a disturbing event happen to me Saturday night when I stopped at the Perham Municipal Liquor Store to purchase a beverage to go with the pot of chili I made.

I parked next to the building with the rear of my minivan facing the large side of the parking lot. When I stepped out of my car, I heard someone yelling, " Dumb (expletive), your bumper sticker, dumb (expletive). He's a liar! He's a communist! (More expletives and name-calling)!"

I looked up and saw a man sitting in the passenger's seat of a small rust-colored car parked behind me. He had his door open, and was yelling very loudly at me and my Obama/Biden 2012 sticker on the rear bumper of my car.

I almost started to walk over to have a little debate with him, but immediately came to my senses. He was still yelling and swearing and didn't seem open to discussion. I gave him an, "Are you serious?!" look, and turned and walked into the liquor store.

Unfortunately he was still there when I left the store, still incredibly angry, and still hurling insults. He started back at it - yelling loudly at me to check my facts, denying the president was the president, cursing and calling me names several times, as well as employing the use of his middle finger, alternately pointing at it and then at me multiple times.

He stayed seated in his car; otherwise, I hope I would have had the sense to run in the liquor store and tell them to call the police. I mouthed his license plate number, got in my minivan, looked at the woman sitting in the car to the right of mine who looked at me and then looked down (I guess she or anyone else in the parking lot at the time didn't want to get involved), carefully backed out and drove away.

Rats if I didn't forget the license plate number, as well as forgot to get eggs at my next stop, the grocery store, so I had to go back. I didn't realize how much the incident rattled me until then.

Why would this man think it was OK to treat another person so meanly for having a bumper sticker of a political party he did not like - or rather obviously lividly hated? It didn't dawn on me, until friends pointed it out, that he was probably drunk. He certainly had very clear and loud diction for a drunk.

If you know me at all, it's obvious I'm not a fan of Romney or the Republican party and the mess they're making of this country, but I'm not going to stand in a parking lot and scream at someone because I disagree with them.

I have now experienced firsthand how discourteous and unkind this country has become. I wasn't born here, but I decided to become a citizen so I could have a say in the political process of the country where my sons were born. I have a right to express my political views without fear of insult or injury.

From the catchphrases that he was yelling, I suspect that this man gets his "news" from one television source - Fox News - and/or one radio source - Clear Channel (home of Rush Limbaugh). They appear to be doing a fine job of brainwashing him.

Can we please get back to being civilized and able to work together to solve this country's problems, to be a good example for the rest of the world? And for me, when I visit the liquor store to buy a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer...please?!

Lil McRae

Perham, MN