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Letter to the editor: Health talk stepped over boundaries

I would like to thank the parents who came to the Perham-Dent School Board meeting Monday night (Nov. 14) to let their voices be heard.

The presentation that was allowed to come into Mr. Peterson's ninth grade health class stepped way over and beyond the "basics of sex education" that was written in the ninth grade health curriculum of the school.

We, 90 percent of parents of the students in that class, asked the board to make it right. There was only a few minutes of abstinence spoken in that 75-minute class. The rest was, sex, sex, sex, safe sex, how to do it correctly sex, want to get on the pill or maybe grab a hand full of condoms sex.

The board has made the right decision. We have received our letters in the mail stating that someone else will be going into that same classroom and speaking abstinence. They have let us know the presentation had not been gone over before it was presented, and that presentation will not be happening again.

Parents have every right to say what they want or do not want their kids to hear.

I thank the board for making this right.

I would ask every parent, if you have a child in the Perham-Dent school, from kindergarten to 12th grade, to know your school board members. Find out who they are. Do they stand for the same things you do? Will they fight for your rights as parents? Know who you are voting for? It is our responsibility to know who we are putting in these positions of authority, and just because they say they are right, does not mean they are. Know your rights.