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Letter to the Editor: Help combat abuses in Child Protective Services

I am writing on behalf of the organization Justice for Parents and Children. Our organization was founded because many citizens in Minnesota have witnessed or been a victim of unaccountable family court and social service systems. Our website,, was established to reveal these abuses of the system to the public.

There have been unethical and law-breaking acts by Child Protective Services and their service providers who have maliciously prosecuted parents, split up good families and misused funds. There are judges who have abused their authority and denied good parents access to their children. They have awarded custody to parents that are physically and emotionally abusive and used the court system to victimize innocent parents.

By visiting our website you can read several of these case summaries from across Minnesota and see documentation of the abuses of the system that are occurring.

We are asking you to look at our website, particularly if you or somebody you know has been a victim of these types of abuses in the system. Many citizens have been left without a voice, and we are taking action to correct that. We have testified before the Minnesota Legislature, spoken to many legislators, proposed bills that have been sponsored by members of the House of Representatives, and received media coverage.

It is our hope that you will recognize our concerns and be outraged at the abuses of the system that continue to occur. Please stand with us to tell those in authority that it is not okay to victimize families, waste millions of taxpayer dollars, abuse their positions and harm our children.