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LETTER TO EDITOR: How many liberals does it take to write an editorial?

To the editor:

This is in response to Kevin Cederstrom's editorial entitled "Presidents Speech On Education Draws Unnecessary Criticism". I could spend a long time arguing his every opinion but I realize that time and limited space will not allow. It basically boils down to what kind of control that the school system should have over a child, what they are taught and what say in all of this that the parents have.

Kevin seems to think that the school system should be able to show the President's speech to whomever they want without regard to what some parents may think. I say that we still live in a free county Kevin, and that us, as parents, still have the freedom to pick and choose what our children are exposed to.

I differ also with Kevin on his accusations that politics has anything to do with some parents opposition to their child viewing the Presidents speech. I personally believe that it is more the differences in values that these parents have and the lack of them that they think the President seems to have. For instance, this country was founded on Christian values and beliefs. Yet the President's party has successfully fought to not allow this in our schools. So I say that if Christ is not allowed in our schools neither should the President be allowed.

I think that the school made a fair and wise decision when they decided not to show the speech. I also think that it is fair that if they decide to show it at a later date that they will be notifying the parents.

This is respect Kevin, not a dissregard for parental rights. I wonder how Kevin's editorial would have read if it were President George W. Bush giving a speech to the school children throughout this country 7 or 8 years ago.

Jeff Small