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Letter to the Editor: If this is only a band-aid, what's to come?

I would like to express my opinion just like the staff at the Focus.

The levy was voted down four times because of a trust issue - the people had no trust in the issues that were presented to them.

In the near future we will be hit with another levy, and we will be subjected to more never-ending brainwashing by the local radio station (for the love of God, will someone please advertise with them besides the school?) and the school board will come up with a new augmented plan for more funding, since this last levy was just a $2.2 million "band-aid."

I am self employed and 95 percent of my work comes from out of town, so that gives me a certain freedom of speech, aside from editing by the Focus, of course. I do not have a problem with "yes" voters. I respect their right to vote however they see fit.

The 'Yes Voters' I have come in contact with cannot express themselves in an adult manner without using profanity, threats, trespassing and stealing. They somehow justify their behavior because they are doing it for the children.

Five months ago the school board told us 'No Voters' we have to suffer and be punished. I would like to recommend we take our tax money and enroll some school board members into anger management. 

I'm not sure what kind of lesson we are teaching our kids, I just hope they are not paying attention.

This adventure, and yes it has been an adventure, has ended relationships for me both personally and professionally, and I am all the richer because of it.

People have to start being nicer to each other. Just because you're loud and rude does not mean you're right.