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Letter to the editor: If you were in my shoes, Mr. Hexum

Mr. Hexum, you were very blessed to have teachers at some point who taught you how to write and read (perhaps even in a public school, lucky you!) But I fear they forgot to teach you a few skills.

The first is how to argue effectively and write persuasively. In second grade, we teach children that you never name call (using words like arrogant, ignorant sheep, etc. would be classified as name calling). Second, it is OK to disagree with somebody, but you first need to listen and envision yourself as being in their shoes.

If you were in my shoes Mr. Hexum, you would experience the love I have for children. You would perhaps see that I go to work every day hoping to provide the best experience possible for each child. This means that I often go in Sunday afternoons, and many weeknights to prepare. Drive by and you will see some vehicles late into the night (mine is the 1994 Oldsmobile, the classic car of an arrogant yuppie). You would spend large amounts of your OWN money, on books for your classroom and supplies. If you were in my shoes, you would at times be overwhelmed by the variety of needs and challenges which these precious children present.

In your letter you seemed to accuse that "we" believe that we know what's best for children. I sure hope that the teachers, administrators and the school board have what is best for children in mind! Can you imagine a school that doesn't? If you were in my shoes, year after year you would wait up at night to hear the results of the levy. And year after year you would have gone to bed worried, wondering if you can just make it one more year without getting cut. You stated that tenure allows poor teachers to keep their jobs (a topic that is totally unrelated to the subject of a levy). Well Mr. Hexum, a failed levy allows a lot of hardworking teachers to lose their jobs. If you were in my shoes, you might be surprised to find out that I typically associate myself with the Republican Party. You would find yourself rather embarrassed when radicals write in to the paper throwing around big words without checking the facts. You would realize that not all Christians need to run around spouting condemnation in the paper, arguing that your way is the right way. One of my favorite ways to practice my faith is to quietly love on children every day. If there is one thing I know, Jesus loved and cherished children, just like many public educators! The third thing I fear your teacher forgot to teach you (besides how to do proper research) is something I remind my students of everyday: love your neighbor as yourself. (Isn't it shocking that we still find time to teach the golden rule within our so-called atheist driven curriculum?!) I sure don't see anyone criticizing your line of work and telling you what an inadequate job you are doing. You made your point with your no vote.

Now, if I were in YOUR shoes Mr. Hexum, I would do three things. First, I would volunteer in the school so you can get your "facts" straight about "socialistic, atheistic, liberal" education and "impossible to fire" teachers. I enjoy Bill O' Riley myself, but I seriously don't know what channel you have been watching. Second, I would find a better pastime than that of seeking constant attention through the letters to the editor section (come volunteer ... start helping these children you claim to care so much about). And third, I would go thank a teacher for their continued hard work in education.