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LETTER TO EDITOR: Impressed with Yellowjacket rock and rollers

To the Editor:

This past Monday night we were lucky enough to hear the students from the Contemporary Music Program at the Perham High School perform their 'school of rock' songs for a crowd at the PHS Auditorium. They were outstanding!

These kids worked so hard-practiced diligently-to become really good at something they love. Their hard won excellence reminded me of our gymnastics team. They too are amazing in their dedication, and continual push toward perfection. We are proud of our students in Perham, that even with drastic budget cuts, they keep a positive attitude and they keep working hard.  These kids benefited from a solid foundation in music, that we used to be able to offer in Perham. Personally, I'd love to continue that solid foundation for future kids.

Congratulations to both groups, and 'thank you' to Mr. Kosiak and Mr. Fleck for coaching these awesome kids. If you ever get a chance to hear these kids play, don't miss it.

Doug and Sue Huebsch