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Letter to the Editor: Ingebrigsten doesn't care about the people

Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen doesn't care about people! He favors Voter ID, yet there is no research in Minnesota to say that we have anywhere near a voter fraud issue. This amendment discriminates against the elderly and poor. Former Republican Governor Arne Carlson has indicated that we don't need this amendment and it would cost millions.

Ingebrigtsen favors the amendment of marriage between a man and a woman and yet he would deny war veterans who are gay the right to be married. I have served with gay men and women in the Navy and Marine Corp during the Vietnam era, and they served with distinction. Ingebrigtsen wants to treat them as second class.

Ingebrigtsen supports people settling arguments with guns as opposed to talking things out. The evidence? He supported the Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground legislation that led to the Trayvon Martin shooting - a 300 percent increase in shooting deaths in Florida! His own Minnesota law enforcement association opposed Stand Your Ground legislation.

Ingebrigtsen doesn't care about the elderly or poor, doesn't care about gay military veterans who have served, and favors people settling disputes with guns. He doesn't care about people.

Jerry Horgen

Henning, MN