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Letter to the Editor: Ingebrigsten: 'I co-authored Gold Star bill'

I am clarifying the (Oct. 18) letter to the editor from Claremont and Nancy Anderson.

I, as all legislators do, have great compassion for the families of soldiers killed in battle. As the letter states, I got back to the Andersons several times but was unable to have the bill heard before a Senate committee.

Here comes the clarification: I was a member of the minority party and was unable to get the amendment on a bill. Senator Skogen was in the majority at the time, so I approached him about carrying the bill. As a member of the majority party, he was able to do it, and accordingly I co-authored the Gold Star License Plate Bill, SF 199.

I worked with Senator Skogen in a bipartisan fashion to get this important Gold Star bill passed because I believed it was good legislation. It has never been important to me if I author a bill or which district the legislators are from who work with me. What is important is the fact that bills my constituents believe in receive their proper attention.

Since Senator Skogen's departure from the Senate, I have recognized our veterans and continued fighting for them by additionally passing the Bronze and Silver Star license plate bills. While in the majority I also passed legislation that included the addition of legal guardians, siblings and children to the Gold Star license bill. This year, I was proud to vote for and pass increased funding for Minnesota's honor guards and support a bill which gives veterans preference in state hiring and state contracting.

I have the utmost respect for bipartisan legislation, but it needs a clarification about how the process works.

Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen

Alexandria, MN