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Letter to the Editor: It's Ingebrigtsen's way or the highway

The last legislative session was viewed by a clear majority of Minnesotans as unproductive, and Minnesotans were simply left asking the question, "Why can't legislators work together?"

Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen, R-Alexandria, is viewed as an extremist. On tax cuts (statewide property tax levy on businesses), Ingebritgsen didn't provide a way to pay for its eventual $800 million-a-year impact. Then he came back with a plan to cut taxes $200 million over three years. This too would have made a projected deficit in the next two-year budget cycle even worse. It's simply a case of not working together - of 'it's my way or the highway.'

Ingebrigsten supports the Marriage Amendment on the ballot for the fall when we already have a law against same sex marriages - yet leaders of his party were not setting good examples for others to follow when it comes to marriage. Say one thing and do another?

Ingebrigsten supports the Voter ID Amendment for the fall when the Secretary of State had provided an alternative method of ensuring accuracy of voters. Yet there was no documentation of statewide voter fraud in Minnesota; it's merely an attempt to discriminate against the poor, handicapped and elderly.

Ingebrigsten's party initiated 22 bills aimed at education in an effort to punish as opposed to seeking solutions or making an attempt to find "common ground" on issues of concern.

Perhaps the greatest lapse in judgment (it's my way or the highway) was Ingebrigtsen's support of the Castle Doctrine, which would make it easier for people to shoot another - authored by the "ethics violator" Gretchen Hoffman.

We now see the effects of such a law in Florida, where it's called the "Stand Your Ground Law." In states that have such laws, we have seen a 300 percent increase in deaths due to that law. The Trayvon Martin case is an example of how these laws are simply poor judgment.

We need moderates in government. Legislators who will work together for the good of Minnesota, in a spirit of cooperation as opposed to 'it's my way or the highway.' Governor Arnie Carlson was a moderate and he was able to work with both sides.

Ingebrigsten's idea of working together is, 'it's my way or the highway.'