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LETTER TO EDITOR: Just what is Peterson's voting record?

Louis Hoglund's editorial of Thursday, April 18 used the word "Bastard" boldly in his headline. Does he know the meaning of the word?

One definition is familiar to most people, but there is a second in the dictionary that can apply to the vote for those who voted for the Obama health bill. The second meaning in the dictionary which does apply is that of "being inferior" or "corrupt."

Does Mr. Hoglund listen to Rush Limbaugh? If so, why doesn't he say when Rush made the remark and in what context? Maybe Collin Peterson's "no" vote doesn't apply, and I'm glad he listened to his constituents. I heard them telling him at his Town Meetings, if he voted for the bill, he would not get their vote this fall. However, he stated recently that he was for it and that if was a good bill. (Flip-Flop) This tells me that had Queen Nancy needed his vote, he would easily accommodate her, just as he did in "Cap and Trade." He voted for the bill after he said he would vote "no."

Yes, some people should be voted out of office. Let's start with the Speaker of the House, the Speaker of the Senate, and the 7th District Congressman, or Mr. Hoglund did you say 8th District?

But sending the 8th District Congressman home isn't such a bad idea either.

Arles Kumpula

New York Mills