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Letter to the Editor: Levy is affordable, district accountable

The voters within the Perham School District will be asked to support a capital levy that will be allocated to specific projects. These projects are:

-Facilities: We must maintain our buildings and grounds to prevent deterioration and future cost.

-Technology/audio and visual: The methods for learning are changing and we need to provide the tools so our students are prepared for the new work force.

-Technical support: With the new technology, we need individuals with the skills to teach, maintain and service these devices.

-Infrastructure: Facilities need to be updated to handle the new technology.

-Curriculum: Additional textbooks will be available as needed.

Residents of the school district have been asked to vote on the last four levies, all of which resulted in a 'no' vote. The public's response was due to lack of trust from the board, administration, amount of the levy, allocation of the funds and the increase in property taxes.

The capital levy request on April 3 will reduce the property tax impact to all taxpayers through a reduced levy amount, and spending will be allocated only to the specific projects listed.

The district's new superintendent (Mitch Anderson) is doing a great job in researching the needs of the school district that are affordable and accountable.

I feel that this levy request at this time is the right thing to do. Vote 'yes' on Tuesday, April 3.